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Pteris Fern

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Name: Pteris cretica ‘Albolineata’

Commonly known as: Brake fern, cretan brake fern, dish fern, table fern

Pot size: 7cm

Lighting conditions: Pteris ferns prefer bright filtered light, similar to what they would receive in their natural tropical environment under the canopy of larger trees. Distilled light is especially important in the warmer summer months when the plant is actively growing. Avoid harsh direct rays, especially mid-day, which can singe or burn the leaves.

Watering schedule: Pteris ferns are not overly demanding when it comes to water. While most ferns will almost immediately die if left to dry out, pteris ferns are a bit more tolerant of dry soil (though they are not drought tolerant). For best results, aim to water your plant at a regular cadence, keeping the soil consistently moist. They don't like being waterlogged, either—plants that are allowed to sit in saturated or soggy soil will quickly succumb to root rot.

Humidity preference: Loves high humidity levels.

Soil preference: Pteris ferns are not fussy and will do fine in a regular potting mix.

Pet friendly: No

Best room/space in the house to keep it? This is the perfect houseplant for warm rooms with sauna-like conditions, such as bathrooms, sun rooms. Bright south, east, or west window